Capilla del Monte
It is an elegant city, situated at the Uritorco Hill feet. Barely enter to it, it will call the attention many large houses of end of the 19th. century, with clearly European style. It has the only roofed street of South America, the diagonal Buenos Aires. This roofing has a length of 100 metres and 12 meters wide, and it was built in 1964 to celebrate a film and photograph festival. At the ending of it, it was not withdrawn and with the course of the years the main restaurants and cafeterias of the city have concentrated here.

Capilla is an ideal place to do base and visit the numerous places that hoards this sector of the Punilla mountains: The Uritorco hill, The Lumps, the Caves of Ongamira, The Drawer Dike, The Shoe, and many other sites.
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